Go Green

Sustainable Construction

At Meehleis Modular we believe in promoting green practices and implementing them into our structures and daily manufacturing processes.  Since 2010 we have been a grid neutral company, installing a 191 kilowatt solar farm atop our manufacturing facility, enabling us to build nearly year round with energy from the sun. Additionally, we monitor in-plant construction wastes and have achieved a minimum of 90% diversion rate on materials destined for landfills.

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Meehleis Modular Buildings has been a CHPS high performance school member and United States Green Building Council (USGBC) member for over 10 years and is dedicated to designing and building structures that exceed energy conservation requirements. Our structures often surpass California Title 24 energy requirements, cutting energy cost on average 10-30%.

Green Projects

These are just a few of our featured green projects. Meehleis structures can easily meet LEED, CHPS and more at the district’s request.

U.C. Merced Early Childhood Education Center

  • USGBC LEED Gold certification
  • Sustainable building materials, diverting 90% of waste from landfills
  • Features natural light, decreasing energy requirements
  • All building materials used are low VOC and promote a healthy learning environment

Louise Van Meter Elementary School

  • CHPS Verification
  • High Performance Incentive Grant
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Recycled Content
  • Acoustical Performance

Green Advantages of Modular Construction

  • Less material waste
  • Less construction material exposed to inclement weather
  • Less site disturbance
  • Up to 90% diversion of factory and site wastes from landfills
  • Operational Savings by using materials that are low maintenance

MMBI Commitment to the Environment

  • First modular manufacturer to install a photovoltaic system in the state of California
  • Grid Neutral is defined as “Balancing the amount of electricity a facility consumes from an electrical grid with the amount of energy the facility produces”
  • We are the largest solar energy producer in the city of Lodi